The following are Books written by and about the service life of VFW Post 1555 members
The Quack Corps - Arthur "Art Wells
  •  Follow the career of a Marine as he serves his country during the attack on Pearl Harbor and defeats the Japanese in World War II.  Learn what it's like to command an amphibious landing craft loaded with Marines and equipment throughout the Pacific and move closer to Japan.  

"One Lucky Sailor - Robert "Bob" Laney
  • Follow six years, in the life of a sailor, from his enlistment one year prior to Pearl Harbor, to his discharge in 1946.  Learn about life on the USS Indianapolis (CA-35), the heavy cruiser that delivered parts of "Little Boy" the first nuclear weapon ever used in combat to his life on the USS Guam (CB-2) a large cruiser. Bob considers himself "lucky" as the USS Indianapolis was 700 miles away from Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 and he was on the USS Guam when the Indianpolis was sunk by a torpedo in July 1945. 
"Passing Gas" - Vernon Bud" Byrd
  • Bud details of the start of in-flight refueling operations from its inception some 60 year ago until 1999.  Focusing on US Air Force efforts as it develops a dependable and useful aerial tanker to support its manned aircraft programs through thh KC-135 program 
Navy Daze - Michael "Mike" Halldorson 
  • Mike details life, as he "comes of age" while serving aboard the USS Hopewell (DD-681).  His duties are portrayed when the Hopewell "mans the gun line" of the Viet Nam Coast and life on liberty in the United States, and various ports in the Far East, showing how sailors enjoy their time off their ship.