Vernon B. (Bud) Byrd
2nd Year Trustee - Air Force

Vern Byrd

I enlisted in the Air Force on March 21, 1951.  After basic training I attended Aircraft and Engine Specialist School and J-33 Jet Engine Specialist School.  I then did a tour with the 77th Fighter Bomber Squadron of the 20th Fighter Bomber Wing.  In April  1952 I was assigned to Wethersfield RAF BaseEssex, England.   In September 1954 I was promoted to E-5 and then left the Air Force in October 1955.  I stayed out of the Air Force for 11 months and reenlisted in August 1956.  I was immediately sent to Libya to join the 431st FIS Squadron.  I was transferred to Zaragoza, Spain.   I for Navigator School at Harlingen AFB, Harlingen Texas.  I continued on as an instructor until the base closed in 1962 and I was transferred to James Connally AFB in Waco, Texas and remained there as a radar instructor until 1965.  My next assignment was with the 906th Air Refueling Squadron at Minot AFB, Minot, North Dakota as a KC-135 crew member.   In 1967 Strategic Air Command changed the 924th from a tactical squadron to a training squadron with whom I remained as a teacher until I retired in September 1972. 
My was married to my 1st wife who passed away in 2007 after 53 years of marriage.  We had four children two of which live in Chico.  Since 2009 I have been married to Brenda C. Andersen