Michael R. Halldorson
Commander - Navy

I joined the Naval Reserve in September 1961 while attending Chico State College.  Went to boot camp in San Diego in the summer of 1962 and then returned to school.  In the summer of 1963, attended Reserve Officers Candidate School (ROCS) in Newport, Rhode Island.  I was to return to ROCS in the summer of 1964 but left Chico State to go on active duty.  I was stationed on the USS Hopewell (DD681) an old WWII Fletcher Class destroyer on which I did two tours to Vietnam.  The Hopewell supplied Naval Gunfire Support for our ground forces in both I Corps and IV Corps areas in Viet Nam.  I returned to Chico State in January 1967 and continued my education.  I remained in the Naval Reserve until September 1971 and then returned to civilian life.  I joined the VFW in 1966 while serving in the South China Sea but did not become an active member until 2011.  Past Post 1555 Commander Larry Wahl was instrumental in my becoming active in the VFW.

Note from Webmaster:  Mike's dad was Commander of Post 1555 from 1965-1966.  50 years later (2015-2016) Mike assumed the same position as Commander.